New for 2021, the Sytong HT-66 1x-3.5x 12mm Night Vision Rear Add On allows you to quickly turn your standard optical Scope into a high-performance Night Vision system.
Designed to fit the needs of both Air Rifle and Centerfire shooters.
Offering a wider field of view (when compared to the 16mm counterpart due to slightly less magnification) the 12mm hits the needs of shooters who require their device for shorter ranges.
The large internal screen produces a high resolution and clear image of your surroundings in full colour during daytime or switch to night mode and use three levels of 850nm IR intensity with the focusable lens system to generate a clear view over hundreds of meters during complete darkness.
The supplied 45mm collar attaches to the eyepiece of your scope and allows you to quickly attach and detach the unit as the shooting conditions change, without any shift in point of impact. (Additional collars in various sizes will be available in due course.)
This is an exciting and high-performing addition to the Night Vision Shooting Optics!
Please note:

TF Memory Card not included.

Laser Pointer has been removed.

Sytong HT66 12mm 1-3.5x Digital Night Vision Rear Add On