Are You Ready To Transform Your Night?

The SRX is a serious IR laser illuminator, for serious night time hunters. When you unlock the latch and lift the lid of the hardcase, you'll reveal a laser illuminator like no other.

Taking the Solaris SRX in your hand the first thing you'll notice is how little it weighs. Weighing in at just 266g you'll barely notice it when mounted on your setup.

Backed By a Market Leading 5 Year Warranty

Made right here in the UK and backed by a market leading 5 year warranty, we've combined unbelievable performance with unbeatable customer service.

Emitting 500mw of 850nm IR light the Solaris SRX will provide you with a clearer image, at greater distances. Giving you improved quarry ID and enabling you to take safer shots.

Capable of filling a wide field of view and illuminating at high magnification, this versatile tool is suitable for both dedicated and addon night vision systems, both digital and tubed.

With its adjustable beam and variable power settings the SRX can be used from close to long ranges, on everything from sub 12ft/lb air right through to centrefire.

The Solaris SRX is highly efficient and boasts truly impressive runtimes. A single 3500mAh 18650 battery will power the SRX in low power for around 90hrs, in medium power for around 16hrs and at full power for around 5hrs.

The focusing system of the SRX completely eliminates POA shift. With zero head wobble and super smooth focusing, it really does make your job so much easier. Full flood to full spot is achieved with just a 180 degree rotation, it’s super fast and super simple!

The switch of the SRX will illuminate with a crescent of red light to warn you that it is active. You’ll never have to wonder if your IR is on or off again! This is a both a vital safety feature and a requirement of legislation.

The rotary control switch also has a built in power on indicator which is located in the micro usb socket.

Here at Torch Factory we actually care about your safety, that's why we designed and manufactured the SRX in accordance with British Safety Standards BS EN 60825-1. The SRX is a UK legal sub 500mw class 3b 850nm infrared laser illuminator which is built with your safety in mind.

As a manufacturer we have a legal responsibility to ensure that any product we release for sale into the UK market complies with the relevant legislation and is manufactured to be as safe as it possibly can be.



  • Weight: 266g
  • Length: 184mm
  • Battery: 1x18650
  • Output: <500mw
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Min Divergence: 15mrad
  • Max Divergence: 50mrad
  • Triple Mode: 5%,30%,100%
  • Single Mode: 100%
  • Rotary Control Switch: 15% - 100%



Beam diameters

  • 100m: spot 1.5m / flood 5.0m
  • 200m: spot 3.0m / flood 10m
  • 300m: spot 4.5m / flood 15m