The brand new Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP 6-24x50 Half Mil Dot Rifle Scope is for fans and users of MIL related reticles. The Diamond FFP features the popular first focal plane design reticle which allows the user to make accurate informed windage and elevation hold overs and unders on all magnifications for example at magnifications 6x, 9x , 15x or 24x the reticle will subtend correctly.

The Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP 6-24x50 features the half mildot with range finding stadia at the base of the reticle. This half mildot reticle is mil based and is paired 0.1 MRAD clicks to allow for quick calculations to be made.  

Each Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP features premium grade lenses featuring the latest in optical coatings & wide field of view lens system. This partnership helps to provide and extremely bright image for this well priced optic with a forgiving eye box.

The Nikko Stirling diamond FFP 6-24x50 features a 30mm aircraft grade aluminium tube ensure maximum light transmission and clarity.

The Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP 6-24x50 features interchangeable ballistic turrets with RTZ® (Return to Zero) system.

These ballistic turrets can be customised for specific calibers and precise 0.1 MRAD increments ensure every shot is on target – First time, Every time!


Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP 6-24x50 Illuminated Half Mil Dot Rifle Scope

£398.00 Regular Price
£199.00Sale Price