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  • The 125ml Gun Oil, is now supplied with a new handy shape bottle and a quick lock twist to open and close cap, unlike the old fashioned caps on cans and bottles, it will not leak.

    You do not need to take the cap off - just twist open and put the oil where you need it - then twist the top back to shut it.  We love it - as you can't lose the cap !


     Lubricate and protect against corrosion on guns and a wide range of tools and machinery

    Great for shooting items, garden machinery, sewing machines and more


    To use on a shotgun / rifle, apply directly onto the gun and into the barrel – or with a piece of Napier Ultra Clean gun cleaning fabric.  Finally clean off any excess with Napier Ultra clean gun fabric (including the barrels – use a Napier Ultra Clean Jag 12g - 3 times the surface area – and available from us)

    Protects against corrosion


    Non gumming

    Removes finger marks

    Suitable for all weapons.

    Containing VP90 corrosion inhibitors for contact and vapour phase action, this oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts of the guns or machinery to provide complete protection from corrosion.

    Napier Gun Oil will not break down under extremes of temperature and will keep ejectors and action protected.

    The high surface adhesion properties help to keep the oil where it is needed and make removal of finger marks a simple matter of wiping over the gun.

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