The SI 12 operates on the principle of utilising inertial kinetic energy caused by the recoil of the shell within the the barrel. The system requires no outlet for gas or barrel recoil, but operates by using a spring that is situated between the bolt head and the bolt.

    The SI 12 system is the newest type of reloading system with an extremely simple mechanism which requires the the minimum of maintenance compared to normal gas operated semi automatic shotguns that require constant cleaning and maintenance due to gas discharge into the magazine tube.

    The barrel is manufactured from St. Etienne steel, this softer steel allows for a better shot pattern with a more powerful and precise distribution of pellets. The boring of the barrels and exterior profiling are produced by the most technologically advanced machinery ensuring the utmost accuracy is achieved making a major contribution to the superb shooting characteristics of the SL 12.

    The SL 12 has a wood stock and forend. The barrel and receiver have a black high gloss finish.

    Gauge & Chamber 12 – 3″ Magnum
    Barrel Length 24″ – 26″ or 28″  –  24″ cylinder fixed choke for slug version
    Receiver Gloss black for standard version
    Magazine Capacity 3/4 shot (magazine reducer at 2 shot when required)
    Stock and Forend Wood
    Accessories Included 5 choke tubes Maxi SI 70 plus key and distance pieces to change the angle of the stock
    Accessories Available Barrel extension
    Set of 5 choke tubes Maxi Si 90
    Maxi SI 90 rifled choke tube
    Gun case
    Weight (approx) 2.95kg (6.5lbs) with 26″ barrel length
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