A laser illuminator for use with night vision devices, such as Nite Site, Sightmark Wraith, NVUK kits, diy night vision builds etc etc


Beam will illuminate upto 300 yards plus on high power looking through your nightvision device


850nm wavelength which appears as a very small red glow in end of torch.

Do not underestimate the power, do not look into it as you can damage the eyes.


This torch has 3 settings.. Low, Medium and High activated by pressing the end cap of the torch.

The end cap also lights up with a small light to warn you the torch is on. 

Focus the infra red beam from a spotlight to a flood light by twisting the end.

Torch requires 1 x 18650 battery ( sold seperate) and a charger. But most people seem to have these batteries from old torches etc.


LASER TORCH 850nm Infra Red Night Vision

  • add an 1850 battery and free case

    add a charger

    a 940nm infra red is also available which is an invisible infra red light which used for more covert viewing. This reduces power bt around 25% on viewing distances over the 850nm