The InfiRay RICO RL42 thermal imaging rifle scope has been designed to be highly expandable allowing for you to get exactly you need at that exact moment. The RICO series offers large amounts of customisation as well as advanced image correction and automatic optimization, together the images recieved will be of supreme quality.

The display on the scope is an extremely high contrast AMOLED panel which gives the images captured the best display focusing on accurate colours, this display powers through the day even in freezing temperatures. The RL42 can feature an integrated laser range finder capable of measuring distance of up to 1000m at both single and continuous rates. Adding in 32GB of internal storage to record footage and being able to connect via Wifi to devices, allows for the user to see all their information both in real time and later on. With the ability to detect a target from long range (up to 1818m) and be highly shockproof (up to 1000g) the InfiRay RL42 will make sure it stays good throughout many hunts.

  • Highly Customisable
  • High Contrast AMOLED Display
  • 32GB of Internal Storage


InfIray Rico RL42 ThermalRifle Scope

  • Refresh Rate 50Hz
    Battery Life 6 Hours
    IP Protection IP67
    Built In Storage (Size) Yes (32GB)
    Weight (Without Battery) 830g
    Length 250g
    Laser Rangefinder Optional
    Magnification 4-16x
    Pixel Size 12um
    Exit Pupil Diameter 6mm
    Eye Relief 55mm
    Detection Range 2179m
    Objective Lens F42 / 1.1
    Detector Resolution 384x288
    Display Resolution 1024x768 AMOLED