A little something to play with from Glock. 
BB air pistol. Ready to go £135

The 17 from Glock is one of the most instantly recognisable pistols on the market today and this 4.5mm BB pistol is made with parts used in the live firing versions. The pistol itself fires 4.5mm BB's with great accuracy and features a blowback action that further enhances the pistols realism.
The pistol has a metal slide and and is built from a textured synthetic polymer around a metal frame which keeps the weight very similar to the real thing. The gun comes complete with a 18 round magazine that will empty as fast as you can pull the trigger thanks to the guns double action trigger. The pistol is fitted with an under mounted rail for accessories like lasers or torches.
- Calibre : 4.5 mm (.177) BB - Magazine Capacity : 18 shot(s) - Trigger : Double Action Only - Length : 185 mm - Weight : 646 g


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