• Are you passionate about sailing? Then take an especially versatile crew member on board with you in the form of the Skipper. Its shackle opener with a marlin spike is the perfect tool for undoing ropes and shackles. Practical for sewing sails: the multi-function pliers. 

    1. Can opener with 
    2. -small screwdriver 
    3. Corkscrew 
    4. Reamer, punch 
    5. Philips screwdriver 
    6. Key ring inox 
    7. Toothpick 
    8. Tweezers 
    9. Pliers with 
    10. -wire crimping tool 
    11. -wire cutters 
    12. Lock blade 
    13. Cap lifter with 
    14. -screwdriver 
    15. -wire stripper 
    16. Shackle opener with 
    17. -marlin spike 

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